Do You Know You Are Of Lemurian Descent? Here Are Some Signs

This post is about Do You Know You Are Of Lemurian Descent? Here Are Some Signs & Symptoms

Do You Know You Are Of Lemurian Descent? Here Are Some Signs & Symptoms

Starseeds are advanced souls living on earth in a human body, but whose souls are from a different star system.

Their mission, is to help raise the collective vibrational energy of the world, and help humanity as a whole evolve.

If you are a Starseed, you voluntarily said yes to this mission, and that’s why you were sent here at this time.

Most Starseeds are not aware of their gifts, nor are they aware that they are Starseeds in the first place – until after a traumatic experience, that facilitates their awakening.

Lemurian Starseed Traits And Characteristics:

Lemurian Starseeds are star beings who incarnated during Atlantis, and have lived multiple past lives before.

Lemurian Starseeds are high-vibrational beings who are in the process of ascending from the 3rd density, into the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality.

They have a profound feeling of being very different from other people.

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From a very young age, Lemurian Star seeds feel and know that they are very unique/different, and have a burning desire to fulfill an elusive ‘purpose’ that has been heavy on their hearts throughout their lives.

Finding out their true purpose in this life, and fulfilling it, is their ultimate mission and reason for incarnating onto this plane.

Lemurian Starseeds are sensitive to energy, and have developed an advanced sixth sense (or intuition).

They feel other people’s emotions so intensely – especially the negative ones.

But this can be a bad thing though. Because, the Starseed may often get confused as to why they’re feeling the way they do (not knowing that the negative energies they feel, belong to other people around them).

This phenomena can be mentally and emotionally draining on the Starseed. And that’s why they prefer to be alone – to escape energetic conflicts, and to recharge.

Lemurian Starseeds often feel like the odd one out when they’re within group settings. And have to often resort to deliberately shape-shifting their personalities in order to ‘play along’ with, or understand other individuals at a much deeper level.

These Starseeds tend to be more introverted and a little shy as kids, and are known for their level of creativity, and spectacular imaginative minds.

Even as kids or young adults,  Lemurian starseeds feel like a old-soul. Their walk, talk, mannerisms and knowledge radiates so much grace and wisdom that is unlike any conventional wisdom of their peers.

These individuals are highly intelligent beings, who have an abundance of emotional intelligence, EQ (compared to the regular intelligence quotient, IQ).

Like most other starseeds, Lemurian starseeds are very Spiritual beings (not religious).

They are spiritually conscious, and often have experiences with premonitions, trances, demonic attacks in their dreams in the form of sleep paralysis, out of body experiences, and generally negative people trying to attack them spiritually.

As a Starseed, you may have had lucid dreams, astral projections, or you may have seen a vision of the beauty and glory of heaven in a trance, or deep sleep.

If you’re a Starseed, you’re most likely interested in Astrology, Psychology, Tarot cards, or Energy readings.

You most likely have come to realize that most of what we know as present-day religion is a sham – carefully concocted to keep most of the world asleep, and under mind-control.

You know and acknowledge the fact that there’s a God (a creator). You love and respect God, and the Universe.

But you despise every other aspect of religion that seeks to manipulate and deceive the world into subservience, and instilling the masses with a herd/slave mentality.

How Lemurian Starseeds Should Evolve:

As a Lemurian Starseed, you have to come to a point in your life where you no longer care about what other people may think above you, or whether they’ll judge you or not.

You should evolve to the point where you can for example, step out into the public in the most absurd combination of fashion that does not conform to what the society considers as ‘hip’, and not have a bother in the world about what onlookers might think of you.

Essentially,… You should evolve to the point where you completely kill your ego.

For without ego (or fear), one is capable of accomplishing impossible feats in this world.

You should be more conscious about your non-physical self, than your physical self.

Caring about what other people think about your actions and decisions, is a complete waste of your time and energy. 

Because, It takes you out of the moment, out of enjoying the now. And it leads you towards a path of self-criticism, which is very detrimental to your advancement, and self-esteem.

Self-criticism is very toxic. 

So,… in order to avoid that,… Learn how to truly not care what others may be thinking about you.

What you think of yourself, is the only point of view that should matter to you in this life.

Your higher self should be your only role model. It should be the main voice to listen to, and hearken to.

Your higher self loves you Unconditionally, and will never steer you in the wrong direction.

Most people in your life may unconsciously, or deliberately steer you in the wrong direction (including your parents, or friends). But, your higher self always has your best interest at heart.

Listen to it always.

Lemurian Starseeds – Create Your Own Reality:

As a Lumerian Starseed, you have to realize the fact that your reality can be shaped by own your thoughts.

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