How Can You Tell If Someone Is A Lightworker Or Starseed?

 How can you tell if someone is a lightworker or starseed

How Can You Tell If Someone Is A Lightworker Or Starseed

Lightworkers are beings who have a strong desire to serve others. These spiritual beings, also known as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels, and star seeds, volunteer to serve humanity as a beacon for the Earth.

A lightworker is someone who has a near-psychic ability to sense what other people are thinking, feeling, or needing in order to heal them.

They are usually people who have faced adversity and/or trauma in their lives and have learned that challenges are not meant to break them. 

Rather, they see adversity as an opportunity for growth and healing, allowing them to pass on their knowledge and experience to others.

Here Are Some Characteristics To Know If You Are A Lightworker:

Lightworkers are intuitive people who have a heightened spiritual awareness of life and the Universe and are often referred to as “lightworkers.”

They have a strong sense of purpose and a desire to serve humanity and the planet.

They often have a connection to the Divine, and are drawn to spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and energy healing.

Their mission is to bring light and love to the world and to help others find their path to spiritual growth. They are healers, teachers, mentors, and mentors of light.

Kindness: Lightworkers are naturally kind and compassionate. They take the time to understand and empathize with the struggles of others.

Passion: Lightworkers are passionate about their work and the positive changes they are making in the world. They are driven and motivated to help create a better, brighter future.

Creativity: Lightworkers are creative and open-minded. They use their imagination to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.

Self-Awareness: Lightworkers have a deep understanding of themselves and their purpose in life. They are mindful of their thoughts, words, and actions.

Open-Mindedness: Lightworkers are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. They are willing to learn and grow and are not afraid of taking risks.

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Leadership: Lightworkers have strong leadership qualities. They are able to inspire, motivate, and lead others towards a common goal.

Service: Lightworkers have a deep sense of service to the world. They are passionate about helping others and making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Once a Lightworker has awakened, they can begin to serve their higher purpose by manifesting their divine gifts into the world and connecting with their spiritual team to receive guidance and support.

They can use their spiritual gifts to help others heal, connect with the higher realms to bring forth guidance and wisdom, and use their energy to spread love, light, and peace.

Additionally, they can take on roles such as healer, mentor, teacher, channeler, and more, to serve the collective in a meaningful way.

Your young life prepared you for a series of traumas, challenges, and other difficulties. You understand that these were not meant to hurt you, but rather to awaken you to your new role as a healer.

You are constantly striving to better your own life as well as the lives of those around you. Your primary motivation in life is to identify what needs to be fixed and how you can possibly improve it.

Though this can sometimes become a shadow of perfectionism, it is an incredible gift when used correctly.

Lightworkers come in all types of personalities and temperaments. Some are extroverted, some are introverted, and some are a combination of both.

While it is true that some lightworkers may enjoy their alone time, others may prefer to be in the company of others.

Ultimately, what makes a lightworker is not their personality type, but rather their commitment to helping heal and uplift the world.

You may have struggled with certain mental illnesses in the past, but you now recognize that they were adaptations to your circumstances rather than innate problems.

You understand that one way of your mission is to change people’s perceptions of their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

You are spiritual, but you avoid religion. Your life’s work is to assist people in regaining their power.

Even if you use teachings or principles from one enlightened master or another, your focus remains on awakening the god within each individual and assisting them in seeing their unlimited power, potential, and healing abilities.

You are naturally creative, and your healing process frequently includes some form of art, writing, or one-on-one healing.

You exemplify the definition of an old soul. Despite being far too young to be as tuned in as you are, you are wise, mature, and appear to have the experience of many lifetimes.

You’ve always stood out from your family, friends, and peers in some way. As a result, you may have struggled to find your “tribe” or to feel like you fit in anywhere.

You are constantly becoming more self-aware of yourself and your life. You continue to shed light on the shadow aspects that most people reject and deny as part of your ongoing journey of awakening and healing.

This strong energy is both a blessing and a curse: you must be careful what you focus on, because you will end up manifesting it in your life, whether good or bad.

You are naturally drawn to ancient spiritual texts about energy and ascension; eastern philosophies resonate with you more than western philosophies.

You have a near-psychic ability to sense what other people are thinking, feeling, or needing in order to heal.

You know that you are here in this life to dissolve your old karmic patterns and to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. You understand that your purpose here is to become who you are meant to be, not to do a job or a task.

You have a strong connection to nature and believe that it is the closest we can get to being completely aligned with source.

Lightworkers are often sensitive, and as a result, they feel sadness and anguish for the suffering in the world around them.

This is why they tend to choose professions that allow them to use their empathetic nature to help those in need, such as nursing, therapy, rehabilitation, healing, care-giving, veterinary services, research and teaching, and so on.

Lightworkers are intuitive and guided by their intuition. They frequently have the ability to perceive the emotions and needs of other living beings, allowing them to harness and direct their healing powers toward those in need.

They also believe in using their positive energies and healing powers in concert to dispel or chase away negative consciousness.

Not all lightworkers recognize the nature of their spiritual calling right-away.

While some Starseeds may understand that their mission on Earth is to raise humanity’s collective consciousness, many lightworkers can only feel a desire to serve and be compassionate in their own hearts, and that they feel good when helping others in need.

Lightworkers are individuals who are drawn to healing and spiritual service.

They are typically highly sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate individuals who strive to bring more light and love into the world.

Some of the traits commonly associated with lightworkers include being open-minded, non-judgmental, patient, understanding, and open to guidance from a higher power.

They are also natural healers, teachers, and guides. Lightworkers often feel a calling to spread the light of love and healing in the world.

But they must be careful not to let their traits to be exploited by narcissists and toxic people.

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