Sesquiquadrate In Astrology

Sesquiquadrate is a minor astrological aspect with a 135° angle and a 2-3° orb.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intricacies of the sesquiquadrate, exploring its nature, impact, and valuable insights it provides within a natal chart and synastry.

Defining the Sesquiquadrate Aspect

The sesquiquadrate is a relatively rare aspect, often referred to as a square and a half due to its angle falling between a square (90°) and an opposition (180°).

This aspect’s unique configuration bestows it with a distinctive character, making it an intriguing subject of study for astrologers seeking deeper insights into the complexities of a natal chart.

The Challenging Nature of the Sesquiquadrate

The sesquiquadrate is commonly associated with an irritating quality, similar to its counterpart, the semisquare (45°).

According to Charles Harvey, this aspect, along with the semisquare, possesses a “crisis” quality that implies challenges and tension within the individual’s psyche.

While the square aspect is notorious for bringing the most tension in synastry, the sesquiquadrate is also capable of influencing relationships with its unique dynamics.

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Impact on Natal Charts

A tight sesquiquadrate aspect is believed to be more strongly felt than a loose square aspect.

Its presence in a natal chart provides fine-grained details that can significantly influence the individual’s personality and life experiences.

However, grasping the nuanced nature of this aspect can be demanding for astrologers, as its effects may manifest in subtle and complex ways.

The Sesquiquadrate in Synastry

In synastry, the sesquiquadrate aspect creates an intriguing dynamic between individuals.

While not as challenging as the square aspect, it can still lead to moments of tension and friction.

It is essential to note that the sesquiquadrate, despite its slightly disorganized nature, does not necessarily indicate negative outcomes in relationships.

Instead, it introduces an element of chaos that may need careful navigation and understanding.

Comparing the Sesquiquadrate and the Square

Astrologers often find parallels between the sesquiquadrate and the square aspects due to their respective crisis-inducing qualities.

However, the sesquiquadrate has its unique flavor, reminding some astrologers of a slightly disorganized version of the trine aspect (120°).

While the square aspect may present greater challenges, the sesquiquadrate’s influence should not be underestimated, particularly when involving malefic planets such as Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.

Understanding the Orb of Sesquiquadrate and Semisquare

For both the semisquare and sesquiquadrate aspects, astrologers consider the orb to be tighter, ranging from 2-3 degrees.

A tighter orb implies that the aspect’s effects are more potent and impactful, making it crucial for astrologers to pay close attention to these configurations in a natal chart or synastry analysis.

Valuable Insights from the Sesquiquadrate Aspect

While the sesquiquadrate may not enjoy the same level of recognition as major aspects like conjunctions or oppositions, its presence offers profound insights into the individual’s inner workings.

Astrologers who can navigate the complexities of this aspect can uncover deeper layers of an individual’s personality, desires, and challenges.

Crises and Growth

As mentioned earlier, the sesquiquadrate is associated with a “crisis” quality, implying that it brings challenges that demand resolution.

However, crises, despite their unsettling nature, present opportunities for growth and self-awareness.

In the natal chart, the sesquiquadrate may reveal areas where the individual faces internal conflicts and must find creative ways to address them.

Embracing Complexity

The sesquiquadrate’s highly nuanced nature may initially present challenges for astrologers.

Still, it also encourages practitioners to embrace the intricacies of human existence.

Astrology, much like psychology, acknowledges the multifaceted nature of individuals, and the sesquiquadrate serves as a reminder of the intricacies that make every person unique.

Recommendations and Tips For Those Having This Placement or Synastry

  1. Awareness and Self-Reflection: Individuals with prominent sesquiquadrate aspects in their natal chart should engage in regular self-reflection to understand the underlying tensions and potential crises they may face. Raising awareness of these aspects can empower them to navigate life’s challenges with greater insight.
  2. Embrace Inner Complexity: Embrace the idea that being multifaceted is not a flaw but a characteristic that adds depth to one’s personality. Understanding the complexities of the sesquiquadrate aspect can offer valuable insights into one’s strengths and areas of growth.
  3. Patience in Relationships: For those with sesquiquadrate aspects in their synastry, patience and open communication are essential. Embrace the chaos that the aspect introduces and use it as an opportunity to grow closer and understand each other better.
  4. Seek Professional Guidance: As the sesquiquadrate aspect can be challenging to interpret, consulting an experienced astrologer can provide profound insights and help individuals navigate its influence effectively.
  5. Transformative Crisis: Recognize that crises presented by the sesquiquadrate aspect can lead to transformation and personal growth. Embrace the challenges and view them as opportunities for positive change.
  6. Astrological Counseling: In times of confusion or emotional distress related to the sesquiquadrate aspect, seeking astrological counseling can offer valuable perspectives and strategies for handling its influence.
  7. Acceptance and Adaptation: Embrace the complexities and disorganization brought by the sesquiquadrate. Learning to accept and adapt to these qualities can lead to greater harmony and balance in life.
  8. Emphasize Positive Traits: Instead of focusing solely on the challenges, emphasize the positive traits indicated by the sesquiquadrate aspect. By acknowledging strengths and virtues, individuals can cultivate a sense of empowerment.
  9. Mindful Decision-Making: For individuals with this aspect, conscious decision-making is crucial. Analyze situations thoroughly, considering both the positive and negative implications before taking action.
  10. Embrace the Unknown: The sesquiquadrate aspect may bring uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Embrace these moments as opportunities for growth, allowing yourself to explore new perspectives and possibilities.
  11. Life as a Journey: View life as an evolving journey, and the sesquiquadrate aspect as a part of the unfolding story. Embrace the challenges it presents as valuable chapters in the grand narrative of personal growth.


Sesquiquadrate aspect stands as a fascinating and intricate configuration that offers valuable insights to those who can decipher its subtle language.

While considered an irritating aspect with a “crisis” quality, it is not without its merits.

For astrologers and enthusiasts alike, understanding the nuances of the sesquiquadrate aspect can provide a deeper appreciation for the complexities that shape an individual’s astrological makeup.

By embracing the challenges it presents and recognizing the potential for growth, individuals can navigate life’s journey with greater wisdom and self-awareness.

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