What Does Black Moon Lilith Mean In Astrology?

What Does Black Moon Lilith Mean In Astrology?

What Does Black Moon Lilith Mean In Astrology?

Lilith, or Black moon Lilith, is an elusive aspect of Astrology.

It is not easy to recognize, or understand.

Lilith is misunderstood because it’s viewed as purely destructive, and dark.

But, I’ll do my best to break it down for y’all.

Dark moon Lilith is stronger on the Cardinal cross (the angular houses) – 1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house.

Is a feminine rebellious energy, that encourages us to rebel against the patriarchal system.

What Black Moon Lilith Symbolizes:

The Black moon seeks to expose previously hidden information – bringing them to light.

The goddess Lilith exposes;

– The way we judge ourselves, and others

– Our personal shadow side

– The biggest fear that blocks or limits us in life


Recovering this lost hidden knowledge is the first step in overcoming our greatest limitations in life.

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Black moon Lilith seeks to help us discover all parts of us that were dis-jointed,  disconnected, and abandoned – and cohesively bringing harmony to them, in order to ensure we’re operating at our full strength, and capacity.

The Shadow Side:

Our dark side are all the parts of our psyche that knows about our shortcomings and suppressed (or hidden) weaknesses.

The shadow side is also known as the Dark side.

Our dark side is our primary (primal/instinctual) fear. The fear that motivates our lives’ choices.

Black moon Lilith helps us to pin-point these primary fears, and make effort to work on them.

Primary Fears Each Lilith In Particular Zodiac Sign Has:

  • LILITH IN ARIES: Fear of Unworthiness
  • LILITH IN TAURUS: Fear of Scarcity
  • LILITH IN GEMINI: Fear of Rejection
  • LILITH IN CANCER: Fear of Abandonment
  • LILITH IN LEO: Fear of Change
  • LILITH IN VIRGO: Fear of Failure
  • LILITH IN LIBRA: Fear of Loneliness
  • LILITH IN SCORPIO: Fear of Loss
  • LILITH IN SAGITTARIUS: Fear of Meaninglessness
  • LILITH IN CAPRICORN: Fear of Neglect
  • LILITH IN AQUARIUS: Fear of Powerlessness
  • LILITH IN PISCES: Fear of Vulnerability/Possible Harm

Our dark side or shadow side impacts our lives negatively.

And the way we naturally deal with these hidden issues, is through ‘projection’.

Projection is when we point out some perceived inadequacies and flaws in other people (when we’re actually the ones that have those inadequacies).

It’s the classic, pointing one finger at someone, while four fingers point back at us.

To truly heal yourself and move towards a path of wholeness of being, you must first accept that you have said ‘flaws’, or fears.

Empowered with the knowledge of this missing piece of information, we can then make choices that are more aligned with what serves our highest and best.

In the process, we heal and transcend our shadow sides.

How To Heal Your Shadow Side:

Love is the most powerful healing power of all, and Black moon helps us to channel love as a tool to repair and heal our Shadow/Dark sides.

The goddess Lilith teaches us how to truly Love ourselves.

The Two Sides of Black Moon Lilith:

Limiting our understanding of Lilith energy to her Dark aspects alone is misunderstanding her essence.

The Natal Black Moon In The Signs:

Everyone of us has at least one primary/primal fear that we are scared of acknowledging or addressing.

Having our dark side exposed, is a vulnerable experience.

But, the goddess Lilith seeks to help us identify and heal our hidden shadow side, or fears.

Post Title: What Does Black Moon Lilith Mean In Astrology?

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