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Named after the Roman god of the underworld itself, the mysterious reddish-coloured planet Pluto, is the coldest, darkest, and one of the most dangerous planets in our Solar system.

How Do Scorpios Act When Hurt

It is the farthest from the Sun! Pluto is very secretive – and hides itself at 17.16 degrees below the elliptical orbit.

Pluto, is calm, quiet, calculating, and does not like to be bothered! It rules over sex, birth, death, transformation, the underworld, extremism, deep secrets, distance, reflection, the deep psyche, obsession, detection, and rebellion.

Just like their ruling planet Pluto, Scorpios hate being in the limelight.

They already have a high dose of self-esteem and self-awareness. Therefore, they don’t need your validation – you may think they do… But, they don’t!

Scorpios are calm, quiet, introverted…

Like an x-ray machine, they sit and observe people. Scorpios love to observe and analyze people. Because, they don’t trust easily, or blindly!

Scorpios come into this lifetime, with a Sub-conscious knowledge of the persecutions and betrayals they suffered from people in their former lives. That’s why they don’t trust anybody a hundred percent.

Scorpios have a very good and sacrificial heart.

They never inconvenience anyone, and never start any troubles – Scorpios are Super empaths! They inherently know that their good nature, will attract narcissists, psychopaths, and toxic people – that’s why they come into this life wearing a stern eagle-like face that says, ‘stay the fvck away from me haters!’

Their cold faces, combative physique, and mannerisms; does the job of scaring lower-range narcissists, sociopaths, and bullies away. 

But, there’s another group of abusers more cunning and manipulative – the mid-range, and greater narcissists (also known as Covert narcissists)! 

They usually sneak past the Scorpio’s radar, by appearing good, sensible, supportive, and friendly. 

These narcissists often prefer Scorpios as their main primary source of narcissistic supply – because of Scorpio’s honesty, sacrificial, and loving nature – and, because of their capacity of taking a lot of stress; without breaking down, or reacting instantly.

Covert narcissists already know what the Scorpio likes (and they give it to them).
But eventually, the idealization phase of the narcissist/sociopath fades, and Scorpios discerning mind takes over, and starts noticing the pattern of covert abuse they’ve received from the narcissist!

The Scorpio unearths the narcissist’s lies, manipulation, and deceit they’ve been archiving in their mind for many years…

What the Covert narcissist and abusers never understood, was that – the Scorpio, had been consciously and unconsciously storing up all of the narcissist’s lies, manipulation, and abuse – waiting for the day of reckoning!

Scorpios are not always physically confrontational. They are tactical creatures – they soak up a lot of bullshit! And all the while, they are laughing, and waiting for the last straw to break the camel’s back! Then everything changes, abruptly!


Scorpios love shocking their enemies by how abruptly they turn the wheels of control of the situation by a complete 180-degree spin, in a blink of an eye – without any warning! 

This reaction completely shocks the covert narcissist/sociopath; causing them great narcissistic injury! And makes them realize, that the Scorpio isn’t really what they thought they were!

They quickly realize that the Scorpio was actually the one in control of the situation for a long time.

At this point, it is already too late for the narcissist! Because, the Scorpio has entered into his Pluto state (a super empathic supernova)!

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Scorpio Revenge Tactics | How Do Scorpios Act When Hurt:

The realization that the Covert narcissist betrayed the trust of the Scorpio puts the Scorpio into an unforgiving state of resentment for the narcissist; as the Scorpio seeks to destroy the very thing the narcissist holds dear to themselves – their fragile ego (also known as the false self).

You see,… Narcissists live entirely through their ego-consciousness; due to their extreme low self-esteem! Narcissists lack empathy. They attach themselves to people – with the goal of draining their energy, sabotaging them, and bringing them down to their miserable level of low vibrations. 

But, the Scorpio is the anti-dote of narcissism!…

In their Pluto state, a Scorpio becomes a narcissist’s narcissist!

Devoid of empathy for the narcissist, the Scorpio turns extremely cold – and attack their fragile ego with one aim in mind – to destroy it!

In this Pluto supernova state, a Scorpio will do or say exactly what will silence the narcissist forever!

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