LIBRA Personality Female Facts, In Relationship With Scorpio Man

LIBRA Personality Female Facts, In Relationship With Scorpio Man

Libra rules the Lower back, and the butt.

And Scorpio is attracted to that.


But let’s be serious for once,…. Libras pack a lot of junk in their trunk.


Scorpio is attracted to Libra’s seemingly fearless, and confident energy.

They like the aspect of Libras being social, but that can become too much sometimes.

Given that Libra has a ‘masculine’ duality, it gives them a commanding and assertive energy (for the females, more than the males).

On the other hand,…. Scorpio has a ‘Feminine’ duality – which means they are receptive, magnetic, and reactive.

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Libra’s ‘masculine’ nature, coupled with her Cardinal quality (quadruplicity), means that 9 times out of 10, she’s the one to initiate a conversation with the Scorpio first, and sinisterly woo him with her Venus/Libra charm intentionally.

And since there are not a lot of confident and outgoing female zodiac signs out there, the Libra catches Scorpio’s attention.

Many others might be intimidated by her energy – including Scorpios (initially).

But Scorpios like a challenge.

They believe there isn’t any assertive woman out there that they can’t eventually humble with their fierce soul-piercing gaze, superior charisma, and romantic prowess.

And sure enough,… Ms. Libra eventually melts into Scorpio’s arms.

For she has never been looked at, or loved the way Scorpio does.

Scorpio gets comfortable with her, and ‘unconsciously’ attempts to bring out her vulnerable side.

But Ms. Libra wants to appear Stoic and emotionless in front of her Scorpio.

She doesn’t want to break and show her vulnerable side.

This conflict causes a lot of friction in the relationship – leading to frequent fights and break ups between them.

‘Cause at the end of the day, Scorpio must remain in control of the situation. And Libra doesn’t want to relinquish control.

Considering that the only way a relationship between a Scorpio and another sign can work out is, when both parties are considerably vulnerable and free with each other (casual relationships not exempted).

With Libra is hiding that vulnerable part of her, and not being all the way free around the Scorpio, is precisely the reason why these two are not good matches for each other.

There’s a lot of drama involved in this pairing.

Libra loves the drama. But Scorpio doesn’t.

So, Scorpio eventually walks away. Cause they can’t be in a situation where the other party is being selfish, do not communicate effectively, and is afraid of being vulnerable.

Libra cries secretly.

Missing how Scorpio’s hug made her melt, and squirm.


I think I went off on many tangents!

You’ve Read: LIBRA Personality Female Facts, In Relationship With Scorpio Man

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