This post is about the GREATER NARCISSIST Vs SUPER EMPATH: Who Wins? The Covert Narcissist, Or The Supernova?

GREATER NARCISSIST Vs SUPER EMPATH: Who Wins? The Covert Narcissist, Or The Supernova?

Super Empaths exhibit natural confidence and fieriness – and that’s one of the things that attracted the narcissist.

But the naive Super Empath initially doesn’t see what’s really happening with the Narcissist.

They unknowingly provide narcissistic fuel to their abusers – especially during the devaluation phase.

These Outstanding Empaths see their role as helping, fixing, and bringing goodness to their abusers, and people in general.

Super Empaths are like a reservoir capable of taking jabs and abuses without instantly reacting, or breaking down.

This trait is attractive to narcissists (it means the Super Empath can be a long-term steady source of supply).

A Co-dependent Empath can only endure Narcissistic abuse for a while – before they crumble into numbness, or hospitalization – thereby making them useless to the Narcissist going forward.

Regular Empaths can handle Narcissistic abuse longer than Co-dependent Empaths, but usually will not deteriorate into numbness – as they’re usually advised and warned by third parties, to exit the situation.

Super Empaths however, have a vast capacity for Empathy and goodness.

Their ability to endure a lengthy campaign of abuse, is astounding.

Super Empaths don’t deteriorate into numbness, or sudden collapse like the other two types of Empaths.

Instead, the Super Empath goes into Supernova mode (when overwhelmed by the Narcissist’s abuse).

The Super Empathic Supernova:

Super Empaths are quite different from their other cousins on the Empathic scale (spectrum).

Whereas the Co-dependent Empath has very little Narcissistic traits and predominantly many Empathic traits, the Regular Empath has few Narcissistic traits, but more and quite strong Empathic traits,… 

The Super Empath however, has a different constitution.

The Super Empath has very strong and numerous empathic traits. He or she also has a Potent amount of dormant Narcissistic traits.

However, the Super Empath’s Narcissistic traits don’t ordinarily appear (they lie fallow; waiting to be provoked or activated).

Their Empathic traits shines in their day-to-day lives (and thus, just like other Empaths, these Empathic traits attracts Narcissists into their lives).

But there comes a time when the Sustained abuse from the Narcissist, coupled with the gradual awareness and realization about what they’re dealing with, causes the Super Empath to reach a critical point.

And rather than become numb, or slide into deterioration like other empaths, the Super Empath will decide that enough is enough.

In some instances, this means that the Super Empath will escape the situation (like Regular Empaths would, and distance themselves from the Narcissist).

On other occasions, they enter the Supernova mode.

The Supernova mode, or Empathic Supernova, is when a Super Empath consciously or unconsciously dims their Empathic traits and kindness towards the Narcissist, and raise their dormant Narcissistic traits against the Narcissist.

Super Empaths use their heightened Narcissistic traits for good (as they use it to fight the Narcissist).

All fuel provision to the Narcissist is instantly shut-off, as the Super Empath begins mirroring the Narcissist’s reflection back at them – a reflection which the Narcissist can’t accept to look at.

At the peak period of The Super Empath’s Supernova mode, they lose ALL Empathy for the Narcissist – as they descend into uncontrollable vindictive rage, and will have no limit to what they will do against the Narcissist (including physical or verbal abuse, manipulation, threats, devaluation, and whatever else you can think of).

The Super Empath will wound and wound – striking blow after blow against the Narcissist.

How Narcissists React To A Super Empathic Supernova:

The Lesser Narcissist will discard the Super Empath immediately, and furiously escape the turning of the tables.

He’ll get away from his empowered Super Empath, and find a new Source straight-away.

The Lesser Narcissist shrinks from the blazing Supernova of power.

The cessation of fuel, the wounding, and the repeated criticism from the Super Empath, become overwhelming for these type of Narcissists, as they cower-away like the little bitches they are – running away to save what’s left of their Fragile Ego (their False Self).

The Mid-Range Narcissist will be taken aback by the display of the Super Empath’s Supernova rage. They’ll not quite understand what is happening. But will not want to lose the Super Empath as a fuel source.

He’ll find that his ability to control and manipulate, is sorely being tested by the raging empath.

The Mid-range Narcissist will find themselves in a tormented loop.

They’ll try to re-assert control over the Super Empath – assuring the Super Empath that everything can return to normal if both parties pretend the Super Empath’s outburst didn’t just happen.

They’ll resort to pleading with the Super Empath to Stop. “Why can’t you be good to me again?”

The Mid-range Narcissist will play the pity card, and attempt to emotionally manipulate the Super Empath (the same way children emotionally manipulate their parents).

After realizing the adamant resolve of the Super Empath,… The Mid-range Narcissists leaves, in search of a new source of narcissistic supply.

The Greater Narcissist will challenge the Super Empath’s Supernova rage.

He’ll temporarily default to his intermittent and secondary sources of supply – while using people close to the Super Empath (including willing Flying Monkeys), to smear the Super Empath’s image, and shift the way people see the Super Empath.

In this all out war between the Greater Narcissist and The Super Empath, manipulation after manipulation is deployed – as both parties try to out-compete each other, and outsmart each other.

The Greater Narcissist is trying to falsely Smear the Super Empath’s character, while the Super Empath is vehement trying to vindicate themselves from the lies, and expose the real person behind the Greater Narcissist’s facade.

The Super Empath may withdraw and escape – satisfied that they’ve inflicted considerable Narcissistic Injury on the Greater Narcissist, 

The Greater Narcissist may realize that only a Stalemate can be achieved, causing him to break-off and discard the Super Empath – focusing on the acquisition of new primary sources, or the promotion of an already snared secondary source.

The Greatest Narcissist will however not let the matter end there.

They make a mental note to re-enter or rekindle the battle with the Super Empath in due course – in his/her obsessive desire to ‘win’.

The Empathic Supernova is when a Super Empath determines that enough is enough, reduces their empathic traits, dial their narcissistic traits to a 100%, and attack the Narcissist.

And as you can see from the reaction of the three broad types of Narcissists,… The Empathic Supernova is very effective in dealing with Narcissists, and making them willingly discard you.

The Super Empathic Supernova makes life difficult, miserable and awkward for the Narcissist.

But, do not attempt the Supernova mode if you’re not a Super Empath. Because, you might not have the right skills, or traits to sustainably defeat the Narcissist, or make them pee their pants.

Can You Become A Narcissist After Being Entangled With A Narcissist?

As a Super Empath, the answer is NO.

You cannot become a Narcissist just because you were involved with one for so long.

Super Empaths will return back to their Natural Empathic nature after ending their association with a Narcissist.

Even while in their Supernova rage period, Super Empaths remain Empathic to every other person (who isn’t the Narcissist on their trashing floor).

This post was inspired by the works of H.G. Tudor – a Self-professed ‘Greater’ Narcissist

GREATER NARCISSIST Vs SUPER EMPATH: Who Wins? The Covert Narcissist, Or The Supernova?


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