WHAT IS A SUPER EMPATH? | Traits And Characteristics

In this post, you’ll learn about WHAT IS A SUPER EMPATH? | What Are The Characteristics Of A Super Empath Around Narcissists?

WHAT IS A SUPER EMPATH? | What Are The Characteristics Of A Super Empath Around Narcissists?

Empathy and Narcissism exist on a scale, or spectrum.

At the center of the scale, you have the ‘Normals’ (that is, people who have a healthy mix of empathy and narcissism).

As you go down the scale towards the left, you have those people who have an abundance of empathy more than narcissism.

The Empath/Narcissist Spectrum

At the extreme left of the scale, you have the most empathic individuals (they have little to no narcissistic traits – these are the Co-dependent empaths).

As you go up the scale towards the right, you have those people who have an abundance of narcissism, more than empathy.

At the extreme right of the scale, you have the worst narcissists and psychopaths (who have little to no empathy whatsoever).

Narcissists and other Cluster B personalities don’t like going after individuals near the middle of the scale. Because, they’re ‘normal’ folk (and will not produce enough emotional responses and fuel for the narcissist); therefore, they’re not the best source of narcissistic supply for hungry narcissists.

Besides, the ‘normals’ have a nice dose of narcissism in them, that will enable or empower them to challenge the probing narcissist.

Empaths however, are always the primary targets of narcissists.

They sometimes can be the secondary target of the narcissist. But rarely a tertiary source.

The empathic traits that draw narcissists to empaths are; honesty, decency, and being good listeners.

Empaths are broadly divided into three types; 

  1. Co-dependent Empaths
  2. Regular Empaths, and
  3. Super Empaths

A Super empath is not co-dependent. They are most powerful and most challenging out of the three types of empaths.

But all three types of empaths have almost all the same empathic traits in common.

The difference is, a Super Empath is a harder nut to crack, and Super Empaths possess hidden narcissistic traits – which we will discuss later, in this post.

A Co-dependent Empath does an act of kindness, expecting and depending on the praise or adoration they receive for such acts, to feel good.

And as their name suggests,… Co-dependents are easier to succumb to the toxic games and manipulations of the narcissist.

They are easier to defeat and render powerless – making it harder for them to build up enough courage in themselves to challenge or escape the clutches of their narcissist.

Lesser narcissists and mid-range narcissists love co-dependent empaths, because they’re easier to handle and control.

Co-dependent empaths are prone to give, give, and give impulsively; without complaining, or ensuring they have something left for themselves.

They would rather blame themselves for the misfortunes caused by the narcissist, and even catch themselves praying to be the one to take a fall or catch a bullet (in place of the narcissist, or other people in their lives).

Very sad indeed.

The Super Empath is also a giver. But unlike the Co-dependent empath, the Super Empath gives more from a place of willingness, and a place of power.

They guard their ability to empathize, heal, fix, and impact goodness; as a great gift – which ought not to be abused.

Super Empaths are drawn to narcissists less because of the co-dependent need to seek validation and identity from the narcissist, but more because they are initially attracted by the false strength and confidence that the narcissist exhibits, his or her skillfull seduction, their apparent satisfaction with themselves, and ability to light up the room with their ‘charisma’.

The Super Empath is attracted to all of those traits in the narcissist, because they unconsciously see part of themselves in the narcissist.

That is not to say that the Super Empath is a Narcissist. But, that a Super Empath is just as engaging as a narcissist. Thus, there’s a mutual attraction.

Super Empaths are more challenging to narcissists:

Super Empaths are attractive to both mid-range narcissists and greater narcissists – who usually are skillful enough to seduce and spend the extra effort required to earn a Super Empath’s trust. Because, Super Empaths are not as trusting as Co-dependent Empaths.

Super Empaths need to be coerced over-time into sharing the fruits of their empathy.

Once the narcissist finally gains the Super Empath’s trust, the benefits are huge.

Because, the Super Empath shines with empathy.

During devaluation, Co-dependent empaths, and Normal Empaths are easier to break, fold, and easier to produce narcissistic fuel for the narcissist.

Whereas, the Super Empath is made of sterner material.

They do not easily succumb to the machinations and devaluation of the narcissist.

This initially throws the narcissist off, and cause them to temporarily seek for narcissistic fuel elsewhere.

But the greater narcissist still slithers their way back into gaining trust and fuel from the Super Empath – as they manipulate the situation to cause the Super Empath to enter their ‘saviour mode’.

With lies, cooked-up stories and sob-stories,  the greater narcissist causes the Super Empath to want to Save them – to fix them.

This desire to want to fix the narcissist, is a common trait exhibited by all three types of Empaths on the Empathic Spectrum.

But again, since the Super Empath is made up of sterner stuff, their decent towards numbness and malfunction, is far slower than that of the regular empath and co-dependent empath.

The Super Empath will keep providing the fuel, but deteriorates at a far slower rate.

What stands out about the Super Empath however, is that their own personal integrity and self-esteem is greater than that of the empath, and far greater than that of the co-dependent empath.

Consequently, out of all these three classes of Empaths, the Super Empath is the one most willing and most certain to walk away from the entire situation all at once, or escape their narcissistic/abusive jail.

Thereby leaving the useless narcissist with a secession problem.

Traits Of A Super Empath:

The Super Empath, has both Empathic traits, and Narcissistic traits.

However, the strength and frequency of those empathic traits outweighs the narcissistic traits considerably.

There are instances when the Super Empath will dim their Empathic traits – making their Narcissistic traits more prevalent or dominant.

This is called The Empathic Supernova.

It is their final defense against the narcissist, and they effectively bring the narcissists to their knees.

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WHAT IS A SUPER EMPATH? | What Are The Characteristics Of A Super Empath Around Narcissists?
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