STARSEED AWAKENING SYMPTOMS: 37 Signs Of Starseed Awakening Journey

This Post is about STARSEED AWAKENING SYMPTOMS: 37 Signs Of Starseed Awakening Journey

STARSEED AWAKENING SYMPTOMS: 37 Signs Of Starseed Awakening Journey

You Begin To Notice The Programming:

When you begin to become awakened from the matrix system, you begin to realized the little ways in which society has been programming us from birth – through our parents, religion, school, and the media.

You begin to question everything (even the so-called history books of events of old).

You come to find out that an overwhelming percentage of all history that has been told, was manipulated, cooked-up, or doctored; to fit a narrative that will enable the powers that be, control the masses.

Feeling Like This Isn’t Your Home Planet:

You begin having this feeling more and more, that you’re not from this planet. You feel like a visitor on earth

You Start Becoming Highly Intuitive:

All your senses get heightened,…. You become intuitive AF!

You’re able to catch people in real-time while they’re lying to your face, or having shady ulterior motives with you.

From the tone of their voice, the tone of their text, the look in their eyes, or just their energy, you’ll be able to easily and accurately deduce people’s motives in your life.

You Start Seeing Angel Numbers And Coincidences:

You start seeing Angel numbers and encountering Coincidences more frequently.

If each time you look at the time, or check a vehicle plate-number, you see repeating angel numbers.

Or do you frequently get coincidences, where you hear a word on radio or tv that you’re currently reading or looking at?

Then, that’s a sign that you’re going through a Spiritual awakening, or Starseed awakening.

You Start Having Out Of Body Experiences:

You’re having some Astral Projection experience(s), or an out-of-body experience in your sleep.

Where you see your soul lift from your body, hover around in the air, and later merges with your body when you’re jolted back into consciousness in the physical world.

You See The World For What It Is,…. Evil:

It baffles you how the world can be so cruel. You realize that Toxic and evil people are the ones at the helm of affairs, and that’s why there’s so much suffering and injustice in the world.

You are irked, and disgusted by how the world functions.

You wish and dream of a world where empathy abounds. A world where there’s peace, justice, equity, and true harmony.

You’re Sapio-Sexual:

You’re sapio-sexual: You’re attracted to people for their brilliant and interesting minds; more than their body.

You’re Wise Beyond Your Years:

You’re wise beyond your years.

You’re basically, an old soul trapped in a younger body.

Realizing The Power Of Your Mind:

You’re developing an ability to magically manifest things into your life through the power of thought and the power of your mind – co-creating your own reality.

You’re Love Your Freedom And Independence:

You crave complete freedom always.

You don’t like being told what to do, and you want to have pure independent thoughts.

You’re A Natural Healer:

You’re a natural healer.

You unconsciously heal people whenever they come around you.

Your aura is pure, and cleanses their heavy energies.

But be careful to stay away from toxic people and narcissists – they’ll drain your energy quicker than anyone else can.

You’re An Empath:

You’re very empathic.

You pick up on the emotions that people are feeling, and you feel it as though they were your own emotions.

But, you must learn to detach yourself from other people’s negative emotional energies, to avoid getting used up.

A Light To The World:

You are shining your Light on the World, and spreading rare Knowledge, to lift and elevate the world You are an advocate for truth, and justice

You’re an advanced spiritual person.

Very Intelligent Being:

You’re very intelligent

You’re Becoming More And More Attractive To People:

You’re very Physically attractive: Starseeds look totally different from regular earth folks.

There’s an unexplainable glow and aura about you, that facilitates adulating comments from random people, and the constant stare you get from members of the opposite sex.

Starseeds are very Charismatic and charming.

Everything from the way they speak, act, walk, and sing, is captivating; and gets a lot of positive comments and praise from others.

You Lose Your ‘Friends’:

You have no friends

You Lose Interest In Traditional Jobs:

You can’t work a real job

Your Family And ‘Friends’ Think You’re Going Crazy:

Your family thinks you’re going crazy

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Post Title: STARSEED AWAKENING SYMPTOMS: 37 Signs Of Starseed Awakening Journey

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