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Kimberly Albanese is known as the wife of former Gambino crime family leader John A. Gotti.

While she has largely stayed out of the spotlight, her marriage to the son of notorious mob boss John Gotti thrust her into the public eye.

Here is an in-depth look at the life and background of Kimberly Albanese.

Early Life and Family

Kimberly Albanese was born in New York in the 1960s.

Not much is known about her early life, but available information indicates she came from humble beginnings.

Her father, Joseph Albanese, worked as a carpet and floor installer.

Kimberly grew up far removed from the world of organized crime that her future husband would inhabit.

By all accounts, she lived a low-key life until meeting John Gotti Jr.

Relationship with John Gotti Jr.

Kimberly met John Gotti Jr., son of “The Dapper Don” John Gotti, sometime in the late 1980s.

Gotti had taken over the Gambino crime family after orchestrating the murder of former boss Paul Castellano in 1985.

John and Kimberly married in 1990. At the time, Gotti was already rising up the ranks of the Gambino family on his way to becoming one of the most powerful mob bosses in America.

Kimberly became his steadfast wife as he took control of the family business.

Life as a Mob Wife

After marrying into the Gotti family, Kimberly found herself the subject of intense public scrutiny.

Tabloids and true crime obsessives took interest in the private life of the Gottis.

Still, Kimberly strived to keep a low profile despite her husband’s growing notoriety.

While John Gotti Jr. served multiple prison sentences for racketeering, Kimberly raised their children outside of the mob lifestyle.

By all accounts, she nurtured a quiet domestic life at the couple’s home on Long Island.

Children with John Gotti Jr.

John and Kimberly Gotti went on to have six children together after their marriage in 1990.

Like his father before him, John Gotti Jr. groomed his own namesake, John Gotti III, to be his successor in the Gambino crime family.

However, John III went down a different path, pursuing careers as an MMA fighter and car salvage business owner.

He and his siblings avoided following their father and grandfather’s footsteps into organized crime.

Life after Gotti’s Final Prison Sentence

John Gotti Jr. made his final bid to avoid a life sentence by going into witness protection and testifying against the Gambino family in 1999.

However, he was later sentenced to 20 years in prison.

During John’s final incarceration, Kimberly raised their younger children alone.

After her husband was released in 2017, the couple reunited and settled down once more outside of the public eye.

Quiet Life on Long Island

Today, Kimberly continues to live with John Gotti Jr. in the couple’s home on Long Island’s North Shore.

The two maintain a low profile now that John has left his mob ties in the past.

While her husband has done some media interviews, Kimberly herself avoids the spotlight.

Not much is known about her life today, but she seems focused on enjoying a quiet existence with John during their later years.

Net Worth

Kimberly Gotti’s net worth is unknown, but she likely enjoys a comfortable lifestyle thanks to wealth and investments acquired by her husband during his time as a mob boss.

While John Gotti Jr.’s net worth has been estimated as high as $10 million, Kimberly tends to stay out of family financial matters altogether.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Kimberly Albanese Gotti:

How old is Kimberly Gotti?

Exact details are scarce, but available information suggests Kimberly is likely in her late 50s or early 60s today. She was born sometime in the 1960s.

What is Kimberly Gotti’s maiden name?

Kimberly’s maiden name is Albanese. She married John Gotti Jr. in 1990.

Where does Kimberly Gotti live today?

Kimberly still lives with her husband John Gotti Jr. in their home on Long Island’s North Shore in New York.

They’ve maintained a residence there throughout their marriage.

Does Kimberly Gotti have social media?

No. Kimberly Gotti does not appear to have any public social media presence. She has always avoided the spotlight.

How many children does Kimberly Gotti have?

John and Kimberly Gotti have a total of six children together. Their kids avoid the organized crime lifestyle.


In closing, Kimberly Albanese Gotti played an integral yet overlooked role as wife to former Gambino crime boss John Gotti Jr.

She raised a family and provided a quiet domestic life outside of her husband’s notorious criminal activities.

While news coverage has focused on the men in the Gotti family, Kimberly Albanese Gotti’s discretion and devotion helped provide a semblance of normalcy within this famous crime family.

Her avoidance of the mob lifestyle allowed her and John to build a life together after his years of imprisonment.

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