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Caroline Smedvig is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur best known as the wife of legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor.

Though she prefers to keep a low profile, Caroline has been a huge support for James’ long and successful music career over the past five decades.

She also founded a thriving retail business and supports various charitable causes.

Early Life and Family Background

Caroline was born in 1946 into a wealthy Norwegian-American family based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her father was a successful businessman who had immigrated from Norway.

Caroline had a privileged upbringing and attended elite prep schools in New England.

She has one brother named Philip and a deceased brother named Albert Jr.

Her mother, Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold, was of Irish Catholic descent.

Meeting James Taylor and Marriage

Caroline first met James Taylor backstage at one of his concerts in 1972.

They hit it off immediately and began dating. At the time, James was struggling with drug addiction issues. Caroline helped him through rehab and recovery.

On December 14, 1974, James and Caroline got married at the Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City.

Their marriage ceremony was officiated by Caroline’s uncle, Monsignor James D. Fitzsimons.

Supporting James’ Career

As James Taylor’s wife, Caroline has played a major behind-the-scenes role in supporting his long and illustrious music career for over four decades.

She gives him the space and support to fully focus on his artistry and performances.

According to James, Caroline helped him regain his confidence and overcome insecurities when he was struggling with writers’ block.

Her faith in him motivated James to produce hit albums like JT and Flag.

Philanthropy Work and Business Ventures

Beyond supporting her famous husband, Caroline also became an entrepreneur and philanthropist in her own right.

In the 1980s, she founded a chain of New England clothing stores called Up Country.

The business became very successful under her leadership.

Caroline serves on the Board of Directors of several artistic and charitable organizations in the Boston area.

She supports education, children’s welfare, and the arts.

Caroline and James have also established a donors’ program for Berklee College of Music.

Maintaining a Private Family Life

Despite being married to a world-famous musician, Caroline values privacy in her personal life.

She makes very few public appearances with James over the course of his touring and promotions.

The couple has twin sons – Henry and Rufus – born in 1983.

Caroline maintained a low profile during her pregnancies and parenthood journey. She prioritized giving her kids a normal upbringing.

Caroline and James Today

Now in their late seventies, Caroline and James Taylor are still happily married after almost five decades.

They own homes in Massachusetts and Upstate New York.

Caroline continues to support James’ ongoing music career.

The couple makes occasional appearances at charity events and fundraisers for causes they believe in.

James credits his wife for his success and positive mentality.

Caroline Smedvig’s Net Worth

Caroline has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

While opulent, this is lower than James’ net worth of $60 million.

Caroline accumulated her wealth through her retail business ventures and family inheritance.

How Caroline met James Taylor

Caroline first met James backstage at one of his concerts in 1972.

They were introduced by a mutual friend and felt an instant connection.

When did Caroline and James get married?

Caroline and James Taylor got married on December 14, 1974 in New York City at the Academy of Arts and Letters.

Their interfaith ceremony was officiated by Caroline’s uncle.

Does Caroline have children with James?

Yes, Caroline and James have twin sons together named Henry and Rufus. The boys were born in 1983.

Caroline maintained privacy during her pregnancy and motherhood.

What kind of business did Caroline start?

In the 1980s, Caroline founded a successful New England retail clothing chain called Up Country.

The brand grew steadily under her leadership and business acumen.

How has Caroline supported James’ career?

Behind the scenes, Caroline has continuously supported James’ music career by giving him space to focus on his art.

She helped him regain confidence and overcome addictions early on in their marriage.

Why does Caroline value privacy?

Despite being a celebrity spouse, Caroline has always valued keeping her personal life out of the spotlight.

She makes few public appearances with James in order to give their family privacy.

Is Caroline involved in philanthropy?

Yes, Caroline is involved with various charitable causes, especially those supporting the arts, education, and children’s welfare.

She serves on several non-profit boards in the Boston area.

How long have Caroline and James been married?

As of 2023, Caroline and James Taylor have been happily married for almost five decades. They wed in 1974 and have been together ever since.

Are Caroline and James still together?

Yes, Caroline and James are still happily married after close to 50 years.

They now split their time between homes in Massachusetts and Upstate New York.

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