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Early Life and Education

Andrea Allen was born in Hicksville, Long Island to a family of 5 children.

Her mother was a widow who ran a business out of their home, teaching Andrea from an early age the value of hard work and family.

Andrea realized her creative talents at a young age when she won a piano competition at age 5 for performing a waltz piece.

She went on to graduate high school early at 16 to attend St. John’s University.

Andrea credits her sisters Karen and Donna, who were music teachers, for encouraging her creative side and love of music and laughter growing up.

Early Career

Andrea’s career in TV production started in 1998 at 11/11 Productions where she worked for 4 years.

She then moved to Sideshow Creative for 2 years before joining INSOMNIA-TV in 2004 where she would remain for 13 years.

Andrea quickly established herself as a skilled and invaluable producer who could be trusted with high profile projects.

Work with Major Networks

Andrea has worked with many of the top TV networks and production companies over her career including Oxygen, CBS Sports, NBC Universal, Discovery, ESPN, ID and more.

She has produced live-action productions including broadcast promotion and marketing, commercials and short form content.

Andrea’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with clients has made her an in-demand producer.

Awards and Accolades

Andrea’s outstanding work has earned her numerous accolades and awards.

She has won 3 Telly Awards recognizing excellence in video and television.

She also won the A&E Women in Television Award honoring women making contributions to the industry.

Andrea was nominated for a coveted Emmy Award for her production work with the History channel.

Leadership Role at Definition 6

Andrea currently serves as Vice President, Head of Production at Definition 6 based in their New York office.

She draws on her decades of experience to lead the production team in creating engaging marketing and promotional content for TV networks and brands.

Andrea enjoys the collaborative process, guiding projects from inception through completion.

Work Philosophy

Andrea believes in maintaining open communication with clients and internal teams throughout the production process.

She feels creativity flows when everyone can share ideas freely.

Andrea also credits her listening skills, ensuring she fully understands the client’s vision before building a concept.

Patience and persistence are also hallmarks of her approach.

Memorable Projects

Some of Andrea’s most memorable projects include an elaborate marketing campaign she produced for the launch of the CBS Sports Network.

She also fondly recalls producing several seasons of programming for Oxygen around weddings, one of her favorite topics.

Every year Andrea looks forward to producing the holiday promotions for NBC and Discovery.

Inspiring Role Models

Andrea finds inspiration from creative visionaries like James Cameron and artists like Lady Gaga who aren’t afraid to take risks and think outside the box.

She also admires strong female leads like Cher and fictional character Harry Potter.

Reading inspirational books and watching great films/TV shows fuels Andrea’s own creativity.

Balancing Work and Family

Andrea values family time with her husband Donald and two adult sons.

She enjoys summering in Fire Island and making frequent trips back to Long Island where she grew up.

Music continues to be a personal passion. Andrea stays grounded by remembering her modest upbringing and the strong work ethic instilled by her mother.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, Andrea hopes to one day consult and advise up-and-coming producers. She would also enjoy teaching college courses to pass on her decades of knowledge.

Andrea plans to continue producing as long as she finds the work creatively fulfilling.

Most importantly, she wants to always make time for family, travel and enjoying life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Andrea Allen grow up?

Andrea grew up in Hicksville, Long Island as the youngest of 5 children.

What was Andrea’s first creative accomplishment?

At age 5, Andrea won a piano competition performing a waltz piece called “Fascination”.

What major TV networks has Andrea worked with?

Andrea has produced content for CBS Sports, NBC Universal, Oxygen, Discovery, ESPN, History Channel and more.

What awards has Andrea won?

Andrea has won 3 Telly Awards and the A&E Women in Television Award. She was also nominated for an Emmy.

What is Andrea’s current role?

Andrea is the Vice President, Head of Production at Definition 6 in New York.

Who does Andrea credit for inspiring her creativity?

Andrea credits her sisters who were music teachers, as well as creative icons like Cher and Lady Gaga.

What are some of Andrea’s most memorable projects?

Memorable projects include a marketing campaign for CBS Sports Network and holiday promotions for NBC and Discovery.

How does Andrea maintain work-life balance?

Andrea makes time for family vacations and trips back to Long Island. Music is also a personal passion.

What are Andrea’s future career goals?

Andrea hopes to consult and mentor young producers.

She also wishes to teach college courses one day.

Andrea Allen Biography – VP Production

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