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PISCES Horoscope Traits Male And Female

PISCES Zodiac Sign Basics:

ZODIAC SIGNPISCES (11th Sign Of the Zodiac)
Date RangeFebruary 19 – March 20
Triplicity (Element)Water
Quadruplicity (Quality)Mutable
Ruling PlanetNeptune
Dominant Keyword‘I Believe’
SymbolTwo Confused Fishes
Part Of The Body Ruled By PiscesThe Feet

Strengths: Caring, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, and musical

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, and desirous of escaping reality, one can be a victim or a martyr.

Pisces Likes: Being alone, love, sleeping, music, romance, swimming, and spiritual themes

Pisces Dislikes: Know-it-all, being chastised, the past resurfacing, and cruelty of any kind.

PISCES Horoscope Traits Male And Female:

Pisces is a psychic sign that is intelligent, artistic, and deeply intuitive.

Pisces have extremely strong gut reactions and feel everything deeply. 


A Pisces “knows” things from the inside out, and can often tell if someone or something is good or evil. That isn’t to say that a Pisces doesn’t have a logical side to their thinking. 

Pisces are deeply intelligent and have a high regard for the mind’s capabilities. Is it any surprise that Albert Einstein was born under the sign of Pisces?

Pisces signs are sensitive and get along well with others in small groups. A Pisces may feel as if they have two selves, one internal and one exterior, and they may need to spend a lot of time alone to re-calibrate those two aspects of themselves. 

When a Pisces is alone, they are rarely lonely and have a vivid imagination. Pisces is a creative sign who enjoys reading, researching or making art or music, and using art to understand their feelings.

PISCES Love And Relationship:

Pisces is the sign of hopeless romantics, as it exalts Venus and serves love, devotion, pleasure, and all that is lovely and tender. 


They are exceedingly loving and generous with their partners, yet in their time of love, they can lose time of their moral values. 

They need to experience a genuine connection with their spouses in order to open up and find that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love that keeps them from contemplating change.

Short-term relationships and adventures are not typical of this zodiac sign, but they do have a changeable quality about them that allows them to be rather careless when it comes to picking a new daily fling. 

They become truly devoted and honest once they discover the inner state of belief in someone with whom they begin sharing their lives, as if their whole mission in life was to find the person standing in front of them and make them happy.

PISCES Career And Money:

Pisces are intuitive and dreamy, and they thrive in environments where their creative abilities may shine, such as working for a higher cause through creative charity events. 

Pisces-friendly occupations are sympathetic and filled with faith and dedication, therefore priests, doctors, veterinarians, singers, painters, and any other occupation that requires working in the shadows are ideal. 

They might have a lot of fun playing different parts and hiding their true identities while undercover and hidden.

Pisces, for the most part, does not give money much thought. They are typically more focused on their dreams and goals, and will only try to earn enough money to realize them. 

Depending on the strength of the dream they hold and the sense of purpose they were raised with, each Pisces spends as much time as is required to follow it.

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PISCES Horoscope Traits Male And Female | Daily Om, daniel dowd
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