Hisense A65H Review – Price In Nigeria 2023 – Specs

The Hisense A65H, also known as the A6 Series, is an entry-level 4k TV in Hisense’s 2022 lineup, replacing the 2021 Hisense A6G.

Positioned as a budget-friendly option below Hisense’s ULED series, the A6H offers some interesting features, including variable refresh rate technology for gaming and the Google TV 11 smart interface with an extensive selection of apps.

In this Review, we will dive into the details of the Hisense A65H, exploring its specifications, performance, pros, cons, and how it stacks up against similar products in the market.

Hisense A65H – Specifications Summary

Display TypeLED-LCD
High Dynamic Range (HDR)HDR10, Dolby Vision
Inputs – HDMI 1HDMI 2.0 eARC
Inputs – HDMI 2HDMI 2.0
Inputs – HDMI 3HDMI 2.0
Inputs – HDMI 4HDMI 2.0
Motion TechnologyMotion Rate 120
Native Refresh Rate60Hz
Number of Digital Optical Audio Inputs1
Number of HDMI Inputs3
Number of USB Ports1
Resolution3840 x 2160
Screen Size Class43 in.
Screen TypeFlat
Smart TV PlatformGoogle TV
Speaker Output7 W
VESA Mounting Standard200×300
Weight – with Stand15.2 lb.
Weight – without Stand15 lb.
Wireless Standard802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Hisense A65H Review

The Hisense A65H is a mixed bag when it comes to performance.

Its strengths lie in its ability to upscale lower resolution content effectively and maintain a relatively consistent image quality even when viewed at an angle.

With the Google TV 11 smart interface, users can enjoy a smooth and user-friendly experience with access to a vast selection of streaming apps, including major services.

However, the A65H falls short in some key areas.

The TV’s contrast ratio is mediocre, and it lacks local dimming, making it less suitable for watching movies or HDR content in dark rooms.

Additionally, the TV’s brightness is not sufficient to overcome glare, which may impact the viewing experience in brightly lit environments.

On the gaming front, the Hisense A65H does offer low input lag and variable refresh rate support, making it decent for gaming purposes.

However, its response time is average, leading to some noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects during gameplay.

Hisense A65H – Pros and Cons


  • Effective upscaling for lower resolution content
  • Maintains image quality at an angle
  • Google TV 11 interface with a wide range of streaming apps
  • Low input lag and variable refresh rate support for gaming
  • Suitable for use as a PC monitor with wide viewing angles and chroma 4:4:4 support


  • Mediocre contrast ratio
  • No local dimming feature
  • Insufficient brightness for glare-prone environments

Hisense A65H Price in Nigeria

As for the price, the Hisense A65H offers a budget-friendly option for users.

Hisense A65H Price in Nigeria is NGN 275,000

Hisense A65H vs. Competitors

To give a broader perspective, let’s compare the Hisense A65H with three other similar products from different brands in the market.

  1. Hisense A65H vs. TCL 4 Series/S446 2021: The Hisense A65H and TCL 4 Series are closely matched in terms of features and performance. The Hisense A65H offers more HDMI inputs and gaming features like variable refresh rate support, making it slightly more versatile. On the other hand, the TCL 4 Series boasts slightly better picture quality with its higher brightness levels, making it a better option for environments with more ambient light.
  2. Hisense A65H vs. Samsung TU-8000 Series: The Samsung TU-8000 Series also competes in the budget 4K TV segment. It offers a higher refresh rate and better picture quality, especially in dark rooms, thanks to its local dimming feature. However, the Hisense A65H’s wider viewing angles and Google TV interface may sway users who prioritize versatility and app selection.
  3. Hisense A65H vs. LG UN7300 Series: The LG UN7300 Series is another contender in the budget TV space. It offers better picture quality and a wider range of sizes, but it lacks variable refresh rate support and some gaming features found in the Hisense A65H.


The Hisense A65H, part of the A6 Series, is a budget-friendly 4K TV with some interesting features like variable refresh rate support and the Google TV 11 interface.

It excels at upscaling lower resolution content and maintains image quality at an angle, making it suitable for mixed usage.

However, its mediocre contrast ratio, lack of local dimming, and limited brightness make it less ideal for watching movies or HDR content in dark rooms.

Gamers will appreciate the low input lag and variable refresh rate support, though the response time leaves room for improvement.

For users seeking a secondary display in a moderately-lit room or a budget-friendly PC monitor, the Hisense A65H may fit the bill.

However, those looking for higher picture quality and additional gaming features may find other options in the market more appealing.

Overall, the Hisense A65H offers a compelling entry-level option with a mix of strengths and weaknesses, catering to different user preferences and needs.

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