Ethan Crumbley Parents: Accused Of Exposing Him To Chaotic Home-Life

Ethan Crumbley Parents Charged to Court

Ethan Crumbley Parents Accused Of Exposing Him To Chaotic Home-Life

Before last year’s shooting at Oxford High School, which resulted in four fatalities and seven injuries, prosecutors claim that Jennifer and James Crumbley gave their son easy access to a gun and disregarded warning signs that he was a threat. As a result, they have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

To demonstrate that the tragedy could have been avoided with appropriate action, the prosecution wants to bring expert witness testimony. According to the state, the parents left their son in an unstable home, frequently with little supervision, and subjected him to years of “chaotic, toxic conflict,” which paved the way for violence.

Williams claimed that by presenting expert testimony, it would be possible to dispel the “common idea” that mass shootings cannot be stopped.

The first expert, forensic psychologist Jillian Peterson, stated in court in Oakland County that mass shooters “give off lots of warning indications” and “a steady build towards violence over time.”

In his testimony, Peterson stated, “We determined that there is a continuous pathway up to a mass shooting.

She said, “They don’t just snap.

Peterson said that her study has revealed a “constant road” to violence, involving “physical or sexual abuse, a dysfunctional environment, and neglect,” which “frequently begins with early childhood trauma.”

According to Peterson, an associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at Hamline University, “there was this steady build over time up to what we considered a crisis point.” 

She testified that this gradual increase frequently involves shooters “studying other perpetrators,” a practice known as “social proof,” and that they frequently “connect with prior shooters and picture themselves in those previous shooters.”

According to Peterson, gunmen frequently get weapons, reveal their plans for violence, and choose a target that symbolizes “their frustrations with the world.”

Prior to the Oxford High massacre, Peterson observed what she called two “crisis points.” Crisis points, according to her definition, occur when “present circumstances exceed your capacity to cope.” You are forced over the edge by something. You might start acting differently after losing a job or a relationship, for example.

“Crumbley Parents have the most impact on his actions,”

When questioned by the defense, Peterson claimed there was no proof the Crumbleys had read any papers or texts in which their son made threats of violence.

A jury of laypeople won’t require the testimony of an expert to identify the phases leading up to violence, according to James Crumbley’s 46-year-old attorney Mariell Lehman. They ought to be able to tell something is worrying just by looking at it or reading it, not by being told so.

The 44-year-old Jennifer Crumbley’s lawyer, Shannon Smith, referred to the expert testimony as a “veiled attempt” to charge the parents with extreme carelessness.

Smith remarked that the jury should be the only one to decide that issue.

Dewey Cornell, a second expert who specializes in forensic psychology and lectures at the University of Virginia, asserted throughout the trial that “threat assessment” is a method that can stop all mass shootings. Parents, he claimed, are crucial to that evaluation.

He stated that parents have the most responsibility for their children as well as the most information, ability to intervene, and influence over them.

Cornell explained that there is a distinction between prediction and prevention using the example of lightning.

In his testimony to the court, he said, “We can’t foresee where lightning will hit, but we know that we don’t want to jump in a swimming pool during a storm.”

Prosecutors claimed that while the defendants “drank, quarreled, and slept only a few feet away in a bedroom that shared a wall with the shooter’s chamber,” their son “was deteriorating before their eyes; he went through periods of sleeping only a few hours every night” and staying up very late at night.

According to the lawsuit, witnesses reportedly told investigators that the parents frequently smoked marijuana inside the home and that they were “routinely inebriated” in front of Ethan. They also claimed that the parents spent about $4,000 at a local liquor store in 2021 alone.

In their brief, the prosecution made clear that they are requesting to admit evidence of Ethan’s exposure to adultery, drug usage, fights, and financial stress in order to demonstrate the stressful atmosphere the Crumbley parents produced in the days and years leading up to the fatal shooting.

James and Jennifer Crumbley’s lawyers were contacted by CNN for comment regarding the accusations made by the prosecution, but they did not respond right away.

Ethan Crumbley Parents: Exposed Him To Chaotic Home-Life – Charged


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