Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone? Answered

Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone

Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone? Answered

Scorpios are intense and passionate about everything they do, whether it’s their work, their hobbies, or their relationships. 

They are very loyal and protective of those they care about. 

They can be quite secretive and mysterious, and often prefer to keep to themselves.

Why Would Scorpio Hurt Someone They Love?

Scorpios are very fair in their dealings.

If they “hurt” you, it is often for a justifiable reason.

Scorpios don’t want to be stressed most of the time.

They avoid unnecessary drama.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Scorpios Will “Hurt” You, Or Cut You Off:

  • You’re being too Disrespectful
  • You’re being too Selfish
  • You’re Projecting A False Version Of Yourself
  • You’re Trying To Use Them

You’re being too Disrespectful:

Scorpios are cordial, and graceful.

They respect everybody by default, and have  no prejudices against anyone.

But unfortunately, the other party might feel unworthy of such respect from the Scorpio, and gradually start being disrespectful in return (because they feel the Scorpio shouldn’t revere them so much).

Such individuals have very low self-esteem, and truly DON’T deserve the Scorpio’s respect.

When the Scorpio realizes this fact,… They’ll cut-off the disrespectful individual.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re their love interest or not.

You’re being too Selfish:

If you’re being too closed-off, and you’re someone who doesn’t show reciprocity,… Your days with a Scorpio are numbered.

Selfishness is one of the traits of a narcissist. And Scorpios hate narcissists.

Don’t get me wrong,… It is okay to be selfish most times, and guard your energy and boundaries when dealing with people in general.

But, in the context of a “romantic” relationship, Selfishness will be very detrimental to any expected positive outcome.

Dating and relationships involves a give and take dynamic.

If you’re not ready or willing to reciprocate your partners feelings, gestures, and desires, but still expect them to stick around and love you unconditionally, then it means you’re a spoilt selfish person – who expects people to do things for them without lifting a finger.

Scorpios Hate selfish partners, and will not hesitate to cut you off for good.

You’re Projecting A False Version Of Yourself:

Scorpios are very authentic and down-to-earth people.

They naturally make people come out of their shells and be themselves.

A Scorpio expects nothing less than the authentic version you in their interactions with you.

And if you’re presenting a false version of yourself to them, they’ll start counting-down the number of days remaining for them to cut you off.

If you’re naturally wild,… Then be wild in the presence of your Scorpio (they’ll love and respect you for that).

But, if you’re wild and extroverted, and you always present yourself as being quiet and prudent (in the presence of your Scorpio), they’ll see you as being ingenious, or having low self-esteem.

They’ll see you as someone who’s playing games, someone’s who’s manipulative, or someone who plans to use them.

You’re Trying To Use Them:

When your intentions for being with your Scorpio is negative, or you have ulterior motives with them, they’ll eventually figure you out. And it won’t take very long to figure you out.

Scorpios are the detectors of the zodiac. They’re skilled in human psychology, and have naturally strong intuition to boot.

All those “secret” agendas you think you have with a Scorpio, will backfire in no time.

Then, you’ll claim they “hurt you”.

You need to turn the mirror on yourself, and take some accountability for your own actions.

When you do any of the above listed things to a Scorpio, they’ll consciously or unconsciously react by slowly starting to detach from you emotionally, and mentally. Till it eventually culminates in them totally cutting you off (if you don’t change or adjust those behaviours).

Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They “Hurt” You?:


At the point when they totally cut you off, they will definitely feel bad.

Because,… when they love, they love so intensely.

So, breaking that bond will feel terrible for them at first.

But in the coming days after cutting you off,… They increasingly feel nothing.

What Of When They Cheated On You, Will A Scorpio Feel Bad?


A Scorpio will feel bad when they hurt you by cheating on you. And they’ll genuinely apologize for doing so.

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