Can A Mute Person Whistle? Answered

Can a mute person whistle

A mute is someone who is unable or unwilling to talk, depending on the situation. A person who lacks the ability to utilize articulate language due to profound congenital (or early) deafness is referred to as being “mute” specifically.

Can a mute person whistle? Question Answered

Causes Of Muteness

Muteness has a wide range of causes. But in adulthood, neurological disorders and/or speech muscle weakness are the main reasons of muteness.

Muteness is a common symptom among persons who have meningitis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzeihmer’s disease, and head or neck trauma or damage.

Selective muteness, occurs most frequently in youngsters, and is caused by psychosocial factors.

Can A Mute Person Whistle?

The Answer is,… It depends.

There are several possible causes for someone to be mute (or partly mute).

The voice cords can be experiencing some sort of issue (the parts of your body that are involved in talking, like your tongue, jaw, lips and larynx).

Yes,… A mute person can whistle even if they are unable to produce the vibrational patterns required for speech as long as they are able to blow air and “shape” it with their tongue and lips.

A mute person can laugh and, with a great deal of effort, make a “crying” noise.

They can play wind instruments such as trumpets, piccolos, and mouth organ – since those instruments only requires blowing air into them to make a sound.

Therefore, yes,…. depending on the cause of a person’s muteness, they can Whistle for sure (but not as good as somebody without the condition).

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