100 FACTS About SCORPIO Male And Female Traits

This post is about 100 Facts about Scorpio Male And Female Constellation Traits – 29th January 2023

100 Facts about Scorpio Male And Female

100 Facts about Scorpio Male And Female:

A Scorpio is usually that one person, sitting quietly in the room — observing everyone.

Scorpios are very good listeners. They rarely talk — instead, they prefer assimilating and analyzing information. So, when they do speak, their words are usually factual, calculated, and effective!

Words don’t affect Scorpios as much as other signs… Threaten, or compliment a Scorpio, they’ll remain chill!

A troubled Scorpio is nearly impossible to read.

Scorpios are witty, clever, and curious!

Scorpios observe people when they think nobody is paying attention.

There’s much privacy in the sign of Scorpio, and a tendency for withdrawal.

Never ask a scorpio a bunch of personal questions (that’s irritating)!

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True SCORPIO Personality Explained | 100 Facts about Scorpio:

Scorpios are every Narcissist’s and Psychopath’s worst nightmare!… Their unchanging resolve, grudge-holding, and stingers, were Tailor-made to ice-out, immobilize, and expose Narcissists and Psychopaths!

This is the reason nature makes more Scorpios victims of Narcissistic abuse. Because, it knows they’re equipped to withstand it till they find out what’s really going on — and then fight the Narcissists and Psychopaths, with the same emotional and psychological warfare that they had to suffer in their hands; while still maintaining their genuinely loving nature towards good people.

Scorpio Personality Male

Scorpios always mirror people’s behaviour back to them. They give people a dose of their own medicine; in often overdose proportions. Scorpios treat good people good, and bad people terribly!

Scorpios don’t trust nobody!… I repeat it again,… Scorpios do not trust anybody! Not even their mother — and for good reason. A survey of Scorpios reveals that, at least one of their parents are Narcissistic. 

Therefore, most Scorpios suffer childhood trauma, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and abandonment issues from a very young age. This must be the universe’s way of preparing Scorpios for the mandatory death cycles, and transformation into the tough and mean sons of bitches they were meant to be.

The good thing is, compared to other signs, more Scorpios survive their narcissistic upbringing without becoming narcissists themselves.

Because, they are very strong individuals! Even as children, they seem far-advanced for their age. They are not easily manipulated or swayed… They’ll play along with you. But at the end of the day, they will retain their true identity and values!

Scorpios are very caring individuals — often putting other’s needs and concerns before their own. But, don’t you dare take advantage of this (trust me)!

Pluto, is the ruler of Scorpio — and is inclined at 17.16 degrees below the Solar ecliptic orbit; making it the god of the underworld. It holds highly transformative energy, and symbolizes death, destruction, wealth, sex, terrorism, occultism, danger, deep secrets, and regeneration.

Scorpio symbolizes death and destruction in Astrology. Because, there’s time to create, and there’s time to destroy. There’s time to live, and there’s time to die…

Even God, had to destroy the earth with a great flood, in order to try to transform it. And, I don’t necessarily mean destruction and death in the literal sense of the words… I’m talking about psychological destruction, and psychological death.

Scorpios go through cycles of self-sabotage/destruction, and ‘shedding’ of their former skin… This happens, whenever they pass through traumatic situations, severe betrayal, or persecution.

At the end of the day, they evolve and transform into stronger and more invincible versions of themselves — then, they attack their provocateurs with intense Psychological warfare. And they are emotionless while doing it!

Scorpios genuinely don’t give a rat’s ass about who you are, your status, age, and wealth — everyone is equal in the eyes of a Scorpio! Respect is reciprocal, is a Scorpio’s mantra. Everyone must earn their respect. Nobody is entitled to it — not even the Scorpio (and they know it).

Scorpios are never sentimental! They don’t discriminate when injecting their venom.

A Scorpio, isn’t going to cut his girlfriend or mother any slacks. Rather, they will sting them harder! Because, they were supposed to be the closest allies of the Scorpio — therefore, the Scorpio dials up the ruthlessness; due to how deeply hurt they feel from the betrayal of these individuals.

Scorpios have an ungodly amount of power! This is why people are attracted and repelled by them.

You need to listen to this…

Scorpio, is here in this world for two things and two things only — to ruthlessly preserve itself, and to cause change and transformation in any emotionally-challenged individual it enters any form of relationship with! All Scorpios have the power of destruction and rebirth in their DNA. 

So, if you have internal demons, and you don’t want to expose them or change for the better, then, avoid being friends or lovers with Scorpios. Because, your Scorpio, will dig deep and uncover your deepest fears and troubles (whether consciously, or unconsciously), and demand you to change and transform.

And if you refuse to transform, your Scorpio will think less of you, and may cut you out of their lives; because, they detest weak people!

Scorpios are not afraid to face their own deepest fears head-on, and rise above limitations. This makes them to always keep on evolving.

A Scorpio, is never in competition with no man! They are only always in competition with themselves. Consequently, Scorpios are never jealous or envious of anybody’s talents or success. They are only jealous when it comes to romantic relationships.

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Scorpios do not need validation from anyone! They are known to hate too much glorification or praise. And when they warn you to stop with your excess flattery, they mean it!

Their nature drives them to be perfectionists, and multi-talented people… This makes everyone else mad, and jealous at the sheer scale of the Scorpio’s developed talents, skills, and focus.

Scorpios are very good actors and voice talents. Their ability to psychically transfer their consciousness into another character’s body, means that they can imitate the character’s voice, thought process, and actions; with crippling precision.

A lot of Scorpios, and people with mercury in Scorpio, are very good when it comes to voiceover or character impersonation!

The king of all Scorpio voice talents, is the ultra-successful Seth MacFarlane. He’s an actor, writer, musician, director, and producer — responsible for creating; The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Ted, and the Orville. He has voiced over 40 characters over the years — including; Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Tom Tucker, Carter PewterSchmidt, Dr. Hartman, Glenn Quagmire, Ted, Agent Stan Smith, Roger, Johann Krauss, and so on…

Colleen Ballinger, is another talented Scorpio. She confuses a lot of people as to her real identity; when she transforms completely into a different personality — as her Miranda Sings character.

Unlike Aries (which is also ruled by Mars), Scorpios employ the dark powers of their second ruling planet — Pluto, to subtly scheme and plan their revenge to any confrontation. Their revenge is very painstaking, strategic, calculating, and can take them decades to plot!

The first stage of their revenge, is to cut you off, and literally erase you from their memory!… They literally lose any recollection of ever having any relationship with you in the past.

You could be standing right in front of them, and they’ll see through you — as if you were just a piece of transparent glass.

If you’re lucky, they’ll leave you alone at this stage.

But, if you’re not lucky; and depending on the level of hurt, persecution, or betrayal you did to them, they’ll take things to the next stage — which is, to destroy you!…

At this stage, even their words are consciously or unconsciously chosen to break you down to pieces… And, you better be on the look-out for them!

Scorpios do not care about social approval. They don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

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The Scorpio temper, is one of the most intense tempers out of all the Zodiac signs. Because, they don’t rage impulsively like the Aries — Scorpios build their rage over a period of time, then unleash it in one fell swoop!

Scorpios are not interested with being friends with you — unless they are going to gain something from you, or something from the experience of you.

Just like their animal symbol the Scorpion, Scorpios are physically and psychologically regenerative. They could literally lose a toe-nail, and grow it back like nothing ever happened.

Scorpios have an excruciatingly high threshold for pain! They secretly enjoy pain… You could catch a Scorpio punching hard walls, and bleeding out. They train their bodies to withstand any external pressure or heat.

Scorpios also use their minds to heal their physical wounds!… They know the power our mind has over manifesting what we want.

Scorpios make people work hard for their trust — it can take years to earn a Scorpios trust, and a split of a second to lose it!

100 Facts about Scorpio

Scorpios have a mind of their own; they are not influenceable by the opinions of others.

Here are the faces of some popular Scorpio celebrities,… Notice the intensity in their eyes, and some resemblances amongst them;

Leonardo Dicaprio, Seth MacFarlane, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Vaynerchuk, Matthew Mcconaughey, Drake, Falz d Bahd Guy, Davido, Ryan Gosling, Shahrukh Khan, PewDiePie, Onision, Bill Gates, P Diddy, Prabhas, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Virat Kohli, Iyanya, Gerald Butler, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Prof. Chinua Achebe, Prince Charles, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Chika Ike, Scarlett Johansson, Ileana D Cruz, Emma Stone, Colleen Ballinger, Jodie Foster, Oge Okoye, Munachi Abii, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, MacKenzie Foy, Olga Kurylenko, Kris Jenner, Aishwarya Rai, Malika Harris, Polina Outkina, DJ Cuppy, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan, Vivien Leigh, and son on…

Along with Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio is a water sign — and water signs are naturally introverted and shy. However, they can be pretty extroverted when the need arises, and do some seriously dumb and messed up things in public!

Water signs are also very Psychic — or if you like, empaths (who possess specific Claire-powers).

Scorpios are mostly Clairaudient, and/or Clairecognizant. Clairaudience, is the ability to perceive and understand sounds that cannot be heard. Clairaudient empaths have a very good understanding and appreciation of sound and speech. From infancy, Scorpio babies react to sad music by crying — and happy music, by laughing; changing their moods as the songs change.

Many Scorpios do not discriminate between any musical genres — they’ll listen to everything that’s not noise!

Scorpios can use their ears to accurately sense what is going on in the rooms around them.

You cannot creep on a Scorpio! They feel your footsteps and your pauses — and also, your energy!

Clairecognizance is the psychic ability to just know things. It is also the ability to efficiently and intuitively process through problems, and come out with solutions.

Scorpios are big on sensing energy — they can feel as if someone is staring right at them. And when they turn, there will indeed be someone staring at the exact first place the Scorpio turns to confirm!

Scorpios always have a blank expression on their faces — making it hard for anyone to read their feelings. They have a confusing poker face, and are good at deceiving anyone and beating them at their game.

Consequently, this makes Scorpios passive-aggressive. So, they always take people unawares with their built-up hate and revenge.

Don’t be fooled by a Scorpio’s calm demeanor and good nature — once you wrong them, they will get even one way or the other.

Scorpios typically hate asking for help — because, they see it as a sign of weakness. It’s in their nature to be very giving. But, the few times they do ask for help, they often get disappointed. So, they evolve and become self-reliant.

Scorpios don’t like people prying into their business. They already know when you’re tactfully trying to extract information from them.

Scorpios are brutally honest people!… They find it extremely hard to lie. It’s in their nature to always say the truth about everything. They rather truthfully refuse to tell you a secret than to lie about it -they only lie to bad people, untrustworthy people, and toxic people.

Scorpios are very psychological creatures. They always love to dive deep into any subject they’re interested in — with laser-focus, and concentration. Therefore, Scorpios are very understanding of others — but fail to measure the amount of pressure they place on themselves.

When Scorpios become parents, they’re very supportive of their children — and will never let their children’s talents go unnoticed. They’ll encourage them to chase after their dreams.

A Scorpio friend will stand by you, when all other fake friends have walked away.

Sometimes, people think Scorpios are being negative (just because they’re being brutally and painfully honest).

Scorpios can actually be quite silly, and do have a good sense of humour.

Scorpio equal strength! Seeing the world as it really is (a very ugly place), but still moving forward. Nobody endures life like a Scorpio.

Scorpios ambitions are never too obvious.

Whenever Scorpios become overwhelmed by the injustice in the world, they curse God for creating an imperfect world.

Female Scorpios secretly wish they were born a man. They see being female as not having all the power and freedom they desire.

Since modern feminists are basically female narcissists,… Scorpios hate modern feminist too.

Scorpios are held in awe by their enemies, and are admired passionately by their friends.

Scorpio isn’t the type to beg for attention  —  attention finds them!

If you like shallow small talk, then count the Scorpio out!

Whatever a Scorpio appears to be, is not the whole truth — he has layers and layers of intricate abilities and desires.

Scorpios can make your life seem like heaven, or make your life seem like hell — it’s your choice.

Scorpios overlook superficial flaws in people. They dig deep, and uncover the beauty in others. This makes Scorpios very great healers, motivational people, or mentors.

Scorpios have a very great disdain for the organized society, governments, and institutions. They will rebel when they start feeling caged!

Scorpios are prone to vindictiveness when scorned, and will carry grudges into the afterlife.

Scorpios are supreme no-nonsense people! They totally decry hypocrisy in all its forms. They believe in seeing and assessing the truth in all situations.

You will know if a Scorpio isn’t interested anymore — they’ll disappear without warning.

Like their opposite sign Taurus, Scorpios are extremely stubborn! Once they’ve made up their mind, that’s it! You can never dissuade them. Oh, and — watch out for their extreme rage!

To keep a Scorpio happy, you must let them have their independence.

Are you energized? Are you blooming? Is your life going great? Chances are, a Scorpio is involved!

Scorpios can be the sweetest people on the outside. But on the inside, they are dead-serious — and they have a thousand thoughts going through their mind. Their intensity is so unsettling! Other Zodiac signs, will not be able to handle that kind of intensity from within. 

Scorpios are constantly irritated psychologically and emotionally — it’s a boiling volcano of emotions and energy, from issues that happened many years ago, and in many lifetimes (that the Scorpio doesn’t even understand, or remember).

Scorpios are extremely intuitive, and have high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). That’s why they’re great leaders, and have the innate ability to create wealth. Because, they can intuitively see, and analyze where future markets are headed in their industries.

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Why Scorpios Are So Attractive | Scorpios in Relationships:

Scorpios are one of the most sexually attractive zodiac signs. The 8th house rules over the genitals and sex.

Scorpio Personality Male and Female,... Scorpio in Relationship

Even though Scorpios love sex and can blow your mind, they can as well go for a very long time without it — till they find their true love!

You cannot really win the heart of a Scorpio. You can flirt all you want with a Scorpio, but at the end of the day, it’s the Scorpio that will decide whether they like you or not — and, it may take up to a year to make that decision.

To truly catch a Scorpio in a relationship, sex has to be offered. Scorpios use sex to know their partner’s true nature and soul!

A Scorpio lover can pull a partner deep into their world — and make them feel like they’re the only two people in the universe.

When a Scorpio is serious about a romantic relationship with you,… you will be under their constant watch. Because, they’ll gradually give you all of their heart and love — So, they want to know you’ll keep it safe, and not betray their trust.

Scorpios can be very jealous in relationships! But it’s only because you don’t communicate well with each other… Just be open with a Scorpio, you’ll be fine!

If you don’t put in the effort for a Scorpio, they won’t either.

It’s give and take with a Scorpio.

Be good to a Scorpio, and they’ll treat you even better! Treat a Scorpio bad, and you’ll be scarred for life! They will taunt you — and you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder.

Never cheat on a Scorpio… It’ll be the end of your relationship! Even when they give you a second chance,… they cannot control their stinger!

Scorpios will never forget any disrespect towards them — even little things!

Scorpios know when you’re fishing for a compliment, and they won’t always oblige.

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To get a Scorpio’s attention, be original, genuine, and mysterious.

It’s extremely hard to get a Scorpio into or out of a relationship!

One of Scorpio’s weaknesses is Love. Scorpios can fall so hard and give so much of themselves — to the point that they have nothing for themselves!

Scorpios create very strong emotional bonds which are very hard to undo.

Scorpios, are unforgettable!

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Scorpio Zodiac Quotes | 100 Facts about Scorpio:

These are the fun facts about Scorpio Zodiac Sign in Astrology.

  • Scorpios are very analytical
  • Scorpios are usually chill, and quiet people
  • They are very observant
  • Scorpios are wise beyond their age
  • They go through cycles of self-sabotage and regeneration
  • They are very good voiceover artists, and voice impersonators
  • Very hot temper (from bottled-up anger)
  • 100 Facts about Scorpio Male And Female Constellation Traits
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